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What are the benefits of vertical playing?


Gross motor skills :

The standing position increase the bodily vigor, develop muscles, support and globally improve motor skills.

Increase bodily vigor : Better than a passive seating position, the standing position maintain a tension in muscles and nerves which is also an energy consumption.

Develop muscles : Due to the several compulsories movements, muscles are naturally working without strong efforts.

Support and globally improve gross motor skills : Because the body is permanently solicited without any concentration, the child become naturally familiar with precise and day to day movements. Movements have more fluidity.

Organization :

When limited space available or not, the playing area is naturally limited by the movement of the child which eases the visual identification, naturally create a playing organization.

Limited space or not : When space available is limited, the playing possibilities for the child will be increased by using « usual dead » surfaces (doors, windows, mirrors, …) (***).

Playing area naturally limited : it is limited by the child itself (about the length of its two arms and reinforced because of the sticking properties of the product).

Improve visual identification : Because the playing area is limited to a small surface created by the child itself, the visual identification of the pieces is improved and permanently solicited. Geometrical shapes and colors develop recognition of background and foreground.

Naturally create a playing organization : Without any instructions, the child will automatically creates after a few session its own playing organization (stick the pieces in a correct manner in order to see them, sort the pieces by shape, …). (***)

Imagination and creativity :

Because almost all flat surface becomes suddenly a possible playing area, the child discover not only how funny it is to play almost everywhere in a new position but also to have new playing possibilities.

This naturally create a positive surrounding for creativity and imagination.

Almost all flat surfaces becomes suddenly a possible playing area : Playing and learning by playing become natural special events which increase the fun when playing and open more possibilities to creativity and imagination. (***)

To play in a new position : Because the child play is a completely new position, it is an appeal to make things different and discover new possibilities and watch things in a different manner (possible to move back, to have a better look, …).

Positive surrounding for creativity and imagination : A positive and incentive situation is created which helps the child to develop its own creativity and support imagination. Not any more in a passive and sleeping seated situation, the body and the brain are solicited to create and imagine. (***)

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