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Maki cooking with children!

One of the complementary activities to the educational game "Les Makis" in its family or school version (2 or several players) is to cook real maki with children from 4 years old.

After having developed fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination by producing the menus proposed in the game, ie rolling a cylinder in an adhesive skin, the cooking workshop "cooking makis with children" is a practical application. exciting and funny.

For once, we give children the opportunity to play with food - and with their fingers - all without being scolded, not only to have fun but also to educate themselves : Do not miss it!

Pay attention to the use of a real knife to cut maki!

Of course, depending on the age and behavior of the children, children will carve maki under close supervision: it's much more funny when it really cuts!

Of course, never the knife will be left on the table...

A knife is not a toy.

The teaching guide to cook makis with children is one of the many activities that complete the educational toy called "Les Makis".

Read or download it online for free.

Now you have to realize, in addition, beautiful presentations!

Beautifull maki sushi presentation
Beautifull maki sushi presentation

Targets are "funny, nice and good"!

At school and at home!

Anyone can cook!
Anyone can cook!

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