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TIL'ART: magical magnetic multipositionable tiles!

Composed of multi-positionable magnetic tiles and even wheels, TIL'ART PRIMITIVE attracts the player with its naive graphic representations on the front and colorful patterns on the back.

First, the player easily assembles simple models in 2D.

Initially composed of a few parts, the models become progressively more complex, from the point of view of the control of fine motor skills and the recognition of parts.

A colorful arch to control the balance.

The construction of the fox allows to understand the different possibilities of assembling between squares and triangles.

Naturally, more parts are used. More complex models such as the horse make it possible to carry out transversal activities

The giant uses different types of assemblies previously made.

The vase requires a more acurate fine motor skills habilities.

Of course, the presence of wheels can give free rein to the imagination

TIL'ART PRIMITIVE is not only a game that grows with the child but also gives the possibility to learn by playing.

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Oct 20, 2020

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