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GEOCUBE: magical multipositionable magnetic cubes!

GEOCUBE is made of 25 magnetic multi-positionable cubes with geometric patterns of different colors to reproduce models and build vertically, alone or with a friend.

From 2 years old, little ones appreciate these multicolored magic cubes that adhere to each other in all directions.

The learning of fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination is facilitated by these large cubes that are naturally welded to each other but remain easy to detach.

Stacking, knocking down, rebuilding ... are all activities that develop the different basic abilities of the young child. Simple models with game cards at scale 1 facilitates the recognition of parts and especially the good spatial orientation to achieve the proposed model.

As the cubes adhere to each other, playing vertically is also possible.

Gradually models with more cubes are proposed facilitating the game for the player and the natural learning of geometric shapes, colors and find the right spatial orientation.

Two players can play at the same time, each with a different color model.

Concepts of symmetry are also addressed by the game.

The mirror effect:

Each one with one model and its color for a common result.

Naturally, the player tries to create models by himself.

We can therefore encourage the player to reproduce the model created on a sheet of paper or with a photo and thus have multiple models that players can turn in turn. More complex models, for example with a given theme will be realized.

Discover GEOCUBE at your Colemoi online store in the UK.

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