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Learning with fun and tenderness

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Resulting from the Montessori pedagogy - specialists have recognized the three sizes of geometric shapes, like the one of the famous photographs of Maria Montessori – but also using the principles of active learning and constructivism, EKILIBRITOR BABY SWEET-EKI also has its source in the positive pedagogy.

Maria Montessori with young girl playing with geometrical shapes.
Maria Montessori with yong girl

The emotions included in all games, are tools to facilitate learning and used for purposes of motivation in both individual and social terms.

The role of the teacher, of course, remains the most important point not only by the use of positive words but also by teaching to share, to make ... for the acceptance of single-purpose or social integration based on both cooperation and competition. The development also of the hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, ... are naturally made by stacking the cylinders as the discovery of the vision in 3D or aerial view. This set is made of flexible and soft parts and resistant to abuse, such as scratches, bites, ... Sizes and colors, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills (using the thumb and the index as a clip) are the main objectives for 4 players simultaneously and at the same level.

Additional activities such stacking cylinders, balance games, ... are possible with these not noisy pieces. A plush named SWEET-EKI can be used to motivate players. In competition (the winner is the one who realizes his model as soon as possible) or different forms of collaboration (to help his neighbor, cooperate in the application of the parts , ...). The winner becomes SWEET-EKI keeper till next turn.

Ekilibritor Baby Sweet-Eki plush showing playing card, pieces and playing board.
Ekilibritor Baby Sweet-Eki

Teaching guides and playing cards in chinese or arabic language as well as a decoding version are also available on-line to extend the teaching possibllities.

EKILIBRITOR BABY SWEET-EKI won a silver award in the U.K. (Practical Pre-school).

What the tester said (Practical pre-school awards – U.K.) : “The children were immediately attracted by the plush toy. I have not seen anything like that on the market before and it's an attractive, unique product. … Overall, children enjoyed the product.”

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