Educational benefits :

Coordination with and in a group - Coordination of simultaneous actions - Socialization - Gross motorskills activities.

The walkliner is a red ribbon with two velcro straps at each end and 3 perpendicular blue ribbons, each with a velcro strap at its end, to make a row of 6 children and one or two adults.


The red ribbon has a velcro strap on each end to make a handle, which is easier to carry for the teacher.


Each blue ribbon is provided at its end with a Velcro strap for performing a loop. This loop can be held by the child as a handle or wrapped around the wrist of the child.


It is possible to assemble two walkliners (or more) using the red ribbon.

Composition for one set :

One set is 1 walkliner.

The walkliner is made of a red ribbon with a total length of about 1470 mm - 57,87 inches (with velcro on each end to make a handle or a loop) and 3 blue ribbons with a length each about 350 mm - 13.77 inches.Each blue ribbon is linkded with a second blue band with a total developed length of 230 mm - 9.05 inches, provided with Velcro to form a loop or handle.

The width of each ribbon is approximately 25 mm - 0.98 inches.An instruction leaflet.



Packed in a plastic bag.

The walkliner

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  • One walkliner may be used to secure a group of six children when going for a walk but also for gross motorskills activties which are described in the teaching guide.