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The MYSTERY BAG set is made of:

- A black bag with two sleeves and closed by a zipper


Educational benefits :

- Develop sensory skills

- Develop concentration



The MYSTERY BAG is a black bag in fabric with two sleeves and closed by a zipper.

How to use it ?

Put something (geometrical shapes, toys, ...) into the bag without the player seeing it..

Close the bag.

The player put the hands into the sleeves.

The player tries to find what it is.

Once the player has recognized the item, the mystery bag is opened by the player to ensure that the item has been recognized.




Plastic or cardboard cards, tangram pieces, , plastic parts (token, mosaics ...), puzzle pieces, cubes, building blocks, stick and are permanently removable.



- 1 MYSTERY BAG with sleeves and zipper.

- 1 TANGRAM with 7 pieces and playing cards.




Mystery bag

SKU: 718
  • The mystery bag can be used with Gostop and Tangram as well as other items like wooden letters, puzzles, ...

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