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Dominique activity apron won a merit award in the U.K. (Practical Pre-School) and Romeo activity apron won a Teacher Choice Award in the USA.


Educational benefits :
- To quicker learn how to dress and undress.
- To learn to manage feelings (frustration, anger, ...).
- To make the player much more confident on itself
- To make no difference between boys and girls.

Description :
Starting 3 years, activity apron is used to learn how to dress and undress in a funny way by wearing the apron or to put it on a table.

Worldwide, no similar item exists to manage and low stress of the player as well as introducing dressing skills.


A zipper, 3 snaps, 3 buttons with each a primary color to identify the right buttons holes, a smiley (a star for Romeo) on a velcro with a ribon sewed on the apron and that can be put in the pocket, a hook on the short are the different layers of the activity apron.


A blue and a red ribbon are scheduled to learn how to make a node.On the table first, the player will dress and undress the different layers. 


To reverse the apron will let the player makes the same gestures than when wearing it.

In case of difficulties, the apron is put off and the play may continue on the table in order to limit the frustration (anger, failure, discouragement, ...).

An adjustable strap is available.

An anti-suffocation system limits the suffocating risks.


Always the surprise when playing: will we find a smiley or a star ?


How does it come?

1 set is made of 6 pieces:

3 Dominique activity apron.

3 Romeo activity apron.




Hybride set activity apron

  • Reverse the apron when playing on the table or on the floor in order to avoid the "mirror effect".


    Step by step, the player has to dress and undress the different layers of the apron.


    First on the table or on the floor.


    Then, by wearing it.


    To learn how to make a node is also scheduled with the blue and red ribbon.

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