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Pacific: it's all clear.

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Clear and washable mask available in 4 sizes, PACIFIC always comes in addition to sanitary measures of distance, aeration and surface cleaning.

Pacific: You can see me clearly now.

PACIFIC, like all masks, does not protect: PACIFIC reduces the risk of contamination.

Tested in the laboratory according to international standards in force and in various day to day situations, PACIFIC has many advantages but also disadvantages.

Laboratory test:

PACIFIC is made of an antibacterial material according to ISO 20743, complies with REACH directives, without controversial substance and is water repellent (the polarity of the droplets makes them assemble together rather than penetrate the tissue).

The absence of scientific consensus both on the contamination capacity and on the size of the droplets composing the aerosol, from 1 micron or less to 13 microns and more, forced us to give the protection value for the smallest size.

The results thus obtained in an exposure chamber in a situation closest to reality are therefore:

Filtration according to EN-13274-7, paragraph 6 (solid particles):

13.35 to 55% (FPP2 CE marking tested: 80 to 83%)

Filtration according to EN-13274-7, paragraph 7 (liquid particles):

4.6 to 45% (FFP2 CE marking tested: 79 to 81%).

Testing method

The test method used, derived from the DGA (French Army) specifications, reproducing as closely as possible reality, shows that the performance of an FFP2 CE mask is inferior to other test methods according to international standards.

The superiority of this test method is indisputable and much closer to reality.

It is therefore a mix of international standards and specifications that are used for PACIFIC.

PACIFIC also has manufacturing specifications inspired by ISO-9001 standards.

Day to day life:

Faced with the harsh reality, PACIFIC has advantages and disadvantages.

The inconvenients:

- Presence of postilions in case of coughing or sneezing.

- Frequent anti-fog treatment required.

- Sensation of humidity after more than an hour.

- Low protection against aerosols of less than 3 microns.


- Excellent protection against the postilions of an interlocutor.

- Possibility of clearly seeing the lips.

- Face almost completely visible.

- Comfortable

- Perfectly adapted to the size of the face.

PACIFIC fits perfectly the face

The characteristics of PACIFIC allow it to tend towards a reduction in the risk of contamination not only by offering 4 different sizes but also adjustable elastic bands for optimum comfort and protection:

F: Women and men, dimension between the cheekbones greater than 9 cm - light blue.

S: Women and men, dimension between the cheekbones less than 9 cm - dark blue.

T: Teenagers - green.

K: Children aged 6 to 11 - orange.

Children's masks, like adult masks, should be worn occasionally where the situation requires it.

Worn occasionally where the situation requires it.

An individual washable bag for each mask facilitates transport in order to preserve its integrity and limit the risk of surface contamination.

Pacific clear face mask half out of its transport bag

The masks are individually wrapped in a sheet of paper.

Individually wrapped in a sheet of paper.
Individually wrapped in a sheet of paper.

When there is no other choice:

Because a mask does not protect but reduces the risk of contamination, all alternatives should be preferred to the use of the mask which remains a last resort.

The best alternative obviously remains to avoid the formation of microdroplets remaining suspended in the air, for example by promoting natural or mechanical ventilation, preferably having devices limiting the formation of aerosols.

Carrying out the analysis of each workstation and find alternatives to the mask helps to imagine a future where the obligation to reduce the risk of contamination will last.

As soon as one is in a place ventilated by the supply of outside air, a visor or a transparent wall is often enough.

A hat, sweater and gloves, in the bad season, are better than a mask.

Especially if the mask is not worn correctly.

PACIFIC finds its raison d'être when reinforcement is required for physical distancing and ventilation measures are not completely satisfactory, and this for a limited period of time.

PACIFIC is not a medical device according to standards EN 14683: 2019-10 and EN 149: 2009-08.

PACIFIC is therefore not suitable for vulnerable people.

Recommended from 6 to 40 years old where the situation demands it and always in addition to sanitary measures of distancing, ventilation and surface cleaning.

Face mask: time to reconsider

"There are no randomised controlled trials - the gold standard for determining the effectiveness of an intervention - on the protection offered by facemasks to children of any age in any setting."

Face mask time to reconsider
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PACIFIC: It's all clear.

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