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New packaging

New packaging are now available at your Colemoi Online Store.

Plastic boxes:

Easy-to-handle plastic trays
Easy-to-handle plastic trays

Rigid plastic boxes with two handles, also used to close the lid, which provide easy handling and pleasant storage.

Cardboard boxes and paper bags:

GOSTOP MINI cardboard box
GOSTOP MINI cardboard box

Cardboard boxes, paper bags, ... are gradually replacing single-use plastic bags.

Labels with reference, product name, manufacturing traceability, safety mentions and EAN.

Cotton pooches:

Cotton pouch
Cotton pouch

As a replacement for transparent multi-use plastic bags where a sealing function is not required, cotton pooches can also find a play function, especially for tactile recognition games.

Easy to maintain, they also resist mistreatment.

These pooches are tested according to current regulations.

Wooden boxes:

FSC label wooden box and tray
FSC label wooden box and tray

All wooden storage boxes with 2019xxx traceability number will carry also the FSC label, which ensures that the products used come from controlled and responsibly collected resources.

On wooden boxes as on playing trays and from the 2019xxx traceability numbers, the varnishes are eliminated in favor of a more advanced finish allowing to obtain soft and smooth surfaces without the use of a chemical artifice.

On each of these packages are the product reference and designation, as well as its EAN, ID and safety mentions.

Batch number and safety mentions
Batch number and safety mentions

A specific adhesive indicates the traceability number of the manufacturing batch.

On the packaging carton as on the paper pouches there are also elements of product identification.

The plastic box are identified, traced and checked according to current safety standards.

Tornikotor basic plastic box
Tornikotor basic plastic box

What are the benefits?

- Security:

First step to get an online monitoring of Safety standards and the absence of Substances with Very High Concerns (SVHC).

- Circular economy:

Easy identification of the product thanks to the traceability to know the applied standard, especially for chemical analysis (Directive REACH and NF-EN 71-3 for Europe ASTM and CPSIA for American standards).

- Responsible levy:

The gradual introduction of FSC-labelled manufacturing for wood products ensures responsible resource management.

The part of recycled material in each new production is the subject of constant attention.

- Easy handling:

Plastic boxes as well as cotton pouches make it easy for children to move products.

- Storage:

These new packaging improves and facilitates the storage possibilities of games and even makes it playful.

- Water play tray:

The plastic bin easily transforms into an aquatic playground.

- Easy maintenance:

Plastic bins, pooches, boxes and wooden trays can be easily washed with a detergent that is not harmful to children.

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