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This set is made of GEOCUBE and its teaching guide dedicated also to children with visual impairement:



GEOCUBE is made of 25 multipositionable magnetic cubes with geometric shapes in different colors and includes patterns scale 1 with 7 pieces only as well as patterns in 2D and 3D till 25 pieces.


Educational benefits :
Recognition of geometric shapes and colors - Reproducing figures by assembling geometric shapes to match a pattern in 2D and 3D - Spatial orientation - Concept of background, plan, negative / positive - Notions of symmetry. Pixelation. Concepts of contrast and shadow - Notions of arts.

Description :

Set of 25 reversible magnetic cubes  printed with 5 geometric shapes composed of 1 isosceles triangle, 1 right triangle, 1 circle, 1 semi-circle and 1 quadrant allowing to realize predetermined models or make personal compositions.


Each cube is printed on 4 sides with the geometric shape based on a positive/negative color pair, ie black/white and white/black, red/white and white/red, pink/purple and purple/pink as well as orange/green and green/orange. The upper face of the cube is black while the underside is white.


2) Teaching guide:

38 independent, inclusive and funny lessons, scheduled also to make children with AND without visual impairment play together !


This booklet, in digital version, offers 38 independent lessons from one another allowing the use of GEOCUBEs in a school, rehabilitation or family setting.


Classified by level of difficulty of 1, 2 or 3 characters, the fun activities are aimed at children from 4 to 6 years old.


They are ideal to offer during free time, as a warm-up or in session, in class, in rehabilitation or at home.

Each of them aims to acquire academic and rehabilitation skills.


Tables summarizing these can be found in the appendix.


They make it easier to identify the activities that adults want to offer the child as a priority.


They are designed for children with or without visual impairment.

The use of sides with high contrast (black / white; red / black) between the background and the pattern allows visually impaired children to perform the activities without difficulty.


This booklet, printed in colors, accompanies and completes the GEOCUBE game.


How does it come?

25 reversible magnetic cubes 50 x 50 x 50 mm (1.96 x 1.96 x 1.96 inches) printed on the 6 sides

16 tearproof model cards printed on both sides, more than 32 models.

1 poster A3 size with pattern scale 1

1 instruction leaflet

1 digital teaching guide .pdf



Carton box in a backbag with handles

Geocube inclusion set

SKU: 749
  • Starting 18 th month:

    Free play.


    Starting 2 years:

    2D patterns scale 1 with 7 till 9 pieces.


    Starting 3 years:

    2D patterns from 7, 9, 12 till 25 pieces.

    The players play first on the table or on the floor and then vertical by stacking the cubes in the right position to match the patterns.


    Starting 5 years:

    Then as building blocks to make complex models while appropriating geometric shapes and colors.


    Tools provided:

    Cards with scale 1 models for 7 and 9 cubes, then model cards for 16 and 25 cubes in horizontal or vertical play for one or two players.


    Description of activities:

    To match a pattern. To identify colors. To recognize geometrical shapes. To play in cooperation or in competition.

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