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8) Payment method for private and professional customers: 

Choose your payment method:

8.1) You are not the payer: the payer is a third party that pays the order.

In this case, we invite you to print the order form and send it to us by mail or email do not forget to attach the note of acceptance from the organization or stamp of the organization on the order form. Goods are shipped upon receipt of a valid purchase order.

Request a quote by contacting


8.2) You are the payer:

Please create an account on your online shop and choose among the 3 methods of payment:

- By Internet, securely and encrypted through PayPal (PayPal account or credit card),

- Bank Transfer,

- By mail, enclosing a check to your order (payable to COLEMOI) at the following address:

17 Bell Yard, London,

England, WC2A 2JR

Business customers may also, on request only, pay via internet (paypal account or credit card) after receipt of a quote in a foreign currency after agreement COLEMOI.

The given prices are valid until 31/12/2024 unless significant fluctuations in raw materials or changes in the VAT rate.
Login to your account with your COLEMOI shop to download and print your invoice (upon receipt of payment, we validate your order and invoice can be downloaded).


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