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Is Hong Kong showing the way to the world?

The very goods news was published at the beginning of this year.

Starting next october, the safey regulations for toys in Hong Kong will be reinforced by using both European and American Safety standards.

By adopting the main European toy standards and by skillfully mixing them with American standards, Hong Kong has demonstrated exceptional maturity for the well-being of its population.

In addition to the CCC standards that China has imposed on most of its territory and which have attracted very few manufacturers for multiple reasons, this new normative obligation from October 2020 strengthens the American-European pole and push western way of thinking back to its own contradiction.

Even if in fact the American and European toys safety standards are close and have inspired many countries in Asia such as South Korea for example, they still present a few differences which are in fact customs barriers.

Chinese manufacturers will therefore have, almost at their doors from now on, a customs service whose quality and efficiency is no longer to be demonstrated, who will check the conformity of toys according to the same criteria as for European and American children.

Is Hong Kong showing the way to the world?

For the toys safety standards at least, no doubt that most of the toys manufacturers hope so.

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