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From water playing till computer coding!

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

SPLASH BASIC is a water game becoming also a topology and sequencing game, with an online model generator which also enables to acquire the essential notions for programming a table robot.

Splash basic won Awards in the UK and USA

From 2 years old, the little ones will be able to use SPLASH BASIC like a water game: the four bath buddies are unsinkable and dribble very easily.

Water is going out easily of the Turtle
Water is going out easily

The bath buddies drip easily and dry very quickly thanks to a mesh fabric openwork and tight innovative and rot-proof. Inside them are small plastic tubes, used for instance in ergonomic pillows, which easily evacuate water, adapt to the pressures exerted and return to their original forms.

Long before the age of 3, the player reproduces the simple models that appear on the plastic cards, recognizing shapes and colors and creating simple sequences.

Playing card with picture of SPLASH BASIC sea animals
Playing card: Match the pattern!

The spatial orientation of the 4 sea animasl i.e. down, up, going left, right, ... can then be verbalized thus increasing the learning fields. Sorting games as well as sensory recognition activties will be realized with the colored bags. Spatial orientation i.e. notions of above or below and also decoding games and more complex memory game by returning/hiding the cards and asking players to reproduce the pattern increase the playing possibilities.

Coded pattern with geometrical colored shape:

Coded Pattern with drawing:

Coded pattern with balck and white geometrical shape:

Coded pattern with black and white geometrical shapes
Coded pattern with black and white geometrical shapes

An online model generator is also available for free and multiplies the possibilities of playing with over 3000 different models. Handling to learn while using a computer screen, a tablet or a smartphone also invites interaction with the teacher or parent while promoting competition, emulation or cooperation.

Different patterns are running: when GO! appears the player matches the pattern.

Different level are available.

It is possible to compete or to cooperate when playing

Notions of coding and sequential movement are achieved by the player by manipulating marine animals.

A teaching guide makes it easy to get started with the product.

With SPLASH BASIC (L'atelier) 4 players are playing simultaneously at the same level.

A version for a single player is also available.

SPLASH BASIC won a award in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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